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The 6 Best Battery Operated Coffee Makers

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Welcome to the world of the battery operated coffee maker. When it comes to these types of coffee makers, portable is the number one requirement. These little machines allow you to make coffee while on the move, 100% portable, delicious battery operated coffee, anywhere on Earth.

These coffee machines are definitely a revolution.

Overview of Our Best Findings

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, here are the two best battery operated coffee makers available right now. If you are looking for portable coffee with a battery powered machine, these two are affordable, they work great, and each of them can make you endless cups of coffee.

★ Wacaco ★
Portable Espresso Machine
Manual Pressure
Ground Coffee
Add Hot Water
0.75 lbs
1 Year Warranty
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★ Aicok ★
Portable Espresso Machine
Battery Operated
Nespresso Pods
Heats Water
2.55 lbs
2 Year Warranty
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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Forget about batteries. If you want portable coffee without having to use a battery powered coffee maker, the Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is right up your alley. This is a manually operated coffee maker, no need for batteries or electricity.

Totally compatible with any ground coffee, this excellent portable coffee maker can make you a steaming hot cup of coffee anywhere in the world. And it only uses manual technology. This is probably one of the coolest travel gadgets ever invented. It is easy to use, well-constructed, and it fits nicely in your bag for easy traveling.

AICOK Portable Espresso Machine

At an affordable price, you can now own the perfect portable coffee maker. This baby works with hot water or cold water, it can be charged in your car, and it makes the best espresso shots ever. It operates with a single touch of a button, it cleans itself, and it is very portable to carry.

Our Top 6 Battery Powered Coffee Makers

Here we have composed a list of the best battery powered coffee makers in the world. All five are extremely portable, most are battery operated, and all of them make yummy cups of coffee.

1. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker



First of all, this is not a battery operated coffee maker. This model is a manual espresso machine and boy does it work! You get an outstanding 261 PSI of pressure just from using the new and improved pumping system.

And while you may think hand pumping coffee is annoying and tedious, it absolutely is not. It takes only a few seconds of pumping for you to be gifted with a rich and delicious cup of coffee. And the best part is that you do not need any batteries or electricity. Say goodbye to your old battery operated coffee maker, and say hello to manual cups of coffee!

There are lots of handy accessories that can go with this coffee maker, like the unique barista kit or the NS-adapter. It has a huge hot water capacity of 80ml, plus a specialized lining that features a heatsink pattern that protects your hands from the heat of the hot water.

And it doesn’t end there.  This coffee maker is one of the smallest and lightest there is, with a clever ergonomic design and a lightweight construction. But amazingly, it still feels solid in your hands, not like a plastic toy like you might expect. The whole unit is very well constructed.

Because of the coffee maker’s ideal size, it is the perfect travel companion for backpackers, hikers, tourists, and businesspeople. It fits discreetly into any bag and can be used to make yummy coffee in just a few seconds literally anywhere.

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2. AICOK Portable Espresso Machine


Here we have perhaps the best battery operated coffee maker ever developed. If you want an instant cup of coffee with a push of a button, this unit is for you. It comes included with a rechargeable battery, a unique heating function, professional pressure for a professional cup of espresso, and it can fit nicely into any space.

This is one of the best machines in the world for brewing battery powered coffee, either in your car, at the campsite, or even on the bus!  You do not need to plug the unit into the wall just to make coffee. You don’t even need to have your water already boiled. This machine can heat the water and brew the coffee with one push of its main button.

In fact, this is one of the easiest battery powered coffee makers that you can use. It has a special cleaning function so that you don’t have to clean it, it only has a single button, it can hold quite a bit of water, and you can use the specially designed pods on the go. You can even charge this coffee maker through your car’s aux port.

Speaking of cars, this tiny little portable coffee maker can fit inside most cup holders, making it just like a travel mug. It is totally safe to hold, it wont’ burn your hands, and you can finally relax with a cup of espresso anywhere in the world. Because of its lightweight design, it is ideal for hikers.

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3. Mounchain Filter Coffee Machine

Mounchain 17108

Here is a great budget option for those looking for the best battery operated coffee maker. Rather than using a rechargeable system, this filter coffee maker relies on a pair of AAA batteries to give you a scrumptious single serving of coffee anywhere you may roam.

What people really enjoy about this particular portable coffee maker is that it is easy and convenient. It works with both K-Cups and with your own coffee grounds using the reusable filter. You get both types of coffee at your disposal at all times.

Additionally, you can use the top part of the machine as a cup. Any time you want to stop and take a break with a hot coffee, simply push the button and then pour the coffee into the convenient cup. The coffee maker weighs next to nothing, it is roughly the size of an average travel mug, and it is easy to clean.

You can use this unit when camping, when hiking, and whenever you are in a place that demands instant coffee. The only issue with this model is that you do need boiled water, and so you can’t actually have a hot coffee anywhere unless there is boiled water nearby.

But you do get a wonderful selection of very popular coffee capsules thanks to the K-Cup capabilities. This small coffee maker is an excellent gift, and it is the best companion for any travel enthusiast. This is especially true for those who like small cups of strong americano-type coffee, since that is what you get with this machine.

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4. Weoola Portable Espresso Machine


The Woola Portable Espresso Machine is definitely a unique battery operated coffee maker. It comes with loads of functions. You can use it in the car, you can use it at the bar, or you could even use it in space if you could somehow get there. This thing is totally travel worthy, it can use boiling water or cold water, and you can even charge it in the car.

This is one of those coffee makers that uses Nespresso pods, and so that is an important thing to keep in mind. That said, Nespresso pods are absolutely delicious, and they work very well in all of the different kinds of coffee makers. If you want a strong coffee, Nespresso pods are the best.

Inside the package you will find a charger so that you can charge the coffee maker overnight, and you will even be able to charge your coffee while sitting in your car. And because of its small and slim design, this is one of those coffee makers that sits nicely inside a cup holder.

Whereas other battery operated coffee makers tend to be annoying to clean, this version is not. You only need to wash the drinking cap. The Weoola coffee maker does the rest of the cleaning and maintenance for you. This is exceptionally handy if you are hiking for long periods of time.

Adventurers will really enjoy this coffee maker. So long as you have an ample supply of coffee and a power source, you’ll never run out of caffeine!

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5. Makita 12V Cordless Coffee Maker

Makita DCM501Z

The Makita Coffee Maker 12 Volt is a truly magnificent coffee maker. It brews some of the tastiest coffee you have ever tried, especially from a small battery powered coffee maker. The biggest difference is that the coffee maker Makita has designed is not a travel companion. This is an on-site coffee maker meant for construction workers and day laborers.

While you can definitely use this in the office, it would look extremely out of place. It is one of the only 12 volt coffee makers on the market, and it is designed by Makita as one of their tools. It uses the same kind of 12V lithium ion battery that you would find in a cordless drill or a cordless saw.

However, this is a very cool coffee maker. You don’t need a paper filter, since it has a permanent drip filter that allows you to use both coffee pods and coffee grinds. It even comes with special protection that will turn off the coffee maker automatically when there is not enough water, that way it does not cause an accident.

If you are looking for a portable coffee maker to use on the job, to have sitting on the back of your tailgate, or just to have sitting in your yard for those occasions when you are too lazy to go inside on a summer morning, this is definitely one of the best coffee makers around. It is certainly the best coffee maker ever designed by Makita.

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6. Schumacher 1229 12V Coffee Maker

Schumacher 1229

The final battery powered coffee maker is not actually a battery powered coffee maker at all. It is an on-the-go unit that you can use for making hot beverages in your car by simply plugging it into the aux port. No battery required! By unlike the other coffee makers that do run using a rechargeable battery, this machine is really only good for in the car.

It brews 10 cups of coffee with a single pot, it fits nicely in your car so that you can drive and drink at the same time, and it completes its full brewing cycle in roughly 30 minutes. It comes with a full anti-drip valve, it has boil protection, and the on/off switch is easy to use.

This is definitely not a travel companion, unless you are in the mood for a road trip. This is the best unit to take with you for road trips because you can continuously drink your favorite caffeinated beverages while on the road. That really takes away the need to make a pit stop every 30 minutes just to purchase a coffee from a gas station. Now you can get it straight from your own car.

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Our Overall Winner

These six coffee makers are the absolute best for people who like coffee on the go. Just imagine being able to brew your own hot espresso while sitting on the bus or lounging at the park. Battery powered coffee makers require little maintenance, they are super affordable, and they will brew a tasty cup of coffee every time.

If you want a battery operated coffee maker that you can recharge, especially while on the go in your car, the AICOK Portable Espresso Machine is it. The battery is fully rechargeable, and the package comes with the car adapter. The small coffee maker is safe, it brews your coffee in just a few seconds, and there is no need to find hot water first. It’s perfect! And it is, in our opinion, the best!

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