Though at first glance we might look just like any other cafe, we operate a bit differently than most. As a worker-cooperative, we are owned and operated solely by the folks that work at the shop every day. And since we own it, our work is beholden only to us: to our our group's personal and collective needs--not to silent partners, far-off investors, or shadowy banks who only wish to see their investment return, however it does.

Rather than simply maximizing profits, we strive to develop programs that serve our broader needs, beyond just keeping our bills paid. Because we have other needs, other desires, and other visions. Our need to support ecologically responsible practices and to build a sustainable future. Our desire provide a venue for creative expression and social engagement in our communities. Our vision to create a new economy based on cooperation and mutual aid, rather than exploitation and competitive individualism. 

Doesn't that sound pretty ok?


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