W/N W/N is changing it up again!  In our never ending quest to step up our programming, products, and service to you, our communities and customers, we are closing Monday, Tuesday, and suspending our brunch program.  Womp womp.  

And we're opening an hour earlier!!!

Starting Wednesday, August 24, we are opening at 4 pm to better serve our neighborhood and after-work seekers of cold drinks and good vibes.  

The new full schedule looks like:

Wednesdays 4pm-12am

Thursdays 4pm-12am

Friday 4pm-2am

Saturday 4pm-2am

Sundays 4pm-12am

This change will not only support upcoming improvements to our food and bar menus, it'll also give us more time to plan even more engaging events, from our tried and true live music, DJ nights, and art shows to an exciting new calendar of meet ups, themed happy hours, and interactive workshops.  Keep your eyes on our website, Instagram, and Facebook to stay posted, and as always, come see us in the shop!

Stay cool in this heat y'all.




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