Seasonal Cooperated Love



New happy hours: Tuesday-Sunday 5p-7p and late night 9:30p-10:30p


Summer’s here, finally!  At W/N W/N we love offering drinks that vibe with your needs to survive the muggy heat without cramping your social life.  Heat and alcohol are two factors that can contribute to dehydration if we’re not being careful, so we’re excited to offer our new happy hours featuring a refreshing rotation of super summer-y Shandies and Spritzes.  Come taste your favorite beer mellowed as a Shandy with fresh and seasonal fruit juices, syrups, and shrubs, or try a subtle, sophisticated Spritz, ranging from light, bright, and fruity to deceptively boozy. At only $3-4 per glass you can spend the summer trying out the concoctions brewed of summer bounty by our bar wizards, aka Reddy, Josh, and Will.


Refreshing, drinkable, and you’ll still be lucid enough to enjoy the rest of your extra long summer day.






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