Open Mic 7/27

A beautiful partnership that was there from the start, the artist activist collective Get Lucid! and The Unity were hosting a monthly open mic at W/N W/N when it was still a wee babe coffee bar.  Now we’re a toddler and still pretty wobbly, but here Get Lucid! is, still at our side, even believing in us enough to throw a huge activist dance party for us back in February.  


On the last Wednesday of every month, a crowd more diverse than a college admissions counselor could ever hope for congregates at W/N W/N by choice or by fate for a night of raw talent and spontaneous creative expression.  Every single month is a different experience, but the Unity, a meditative jazz drumming group, brings their loving vibrations to fill the space with warmth and support every time.

Next week Get Lucid! is at it again, and this time the Unity is in the spotlight.  This trio will feature poetry by Brother Rob Carter and Kitsi Watterson, accompanied by Dominic Cartwright.  Come check out how a bunch of drums, wind and brass can create an experience that is chill yet woke AF.

All ages welcome.

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