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River Remains First Friday

River Remains
by Noelle Egan

The piers along Philadelphia’s Delaware River shore are at once brimming with life and overwhelmed by decay.  As wraiths of industry, immigration, and commerce, these piers serve now as safe harbor for all manner of wildlife and wayfarers seeking refuge or respite.  Forever in flux, these spaces have been battered by the tides, by the detritus of modern life, by the flotsam of abandoned vessels, and by years of neglect, while persistent flora and strategic park development slowly reclaim the land and allow the riverfront to thrive anew.  


The prints, drawings, and photographs that comprise River Remains are an ongoing series of love letters that honor and illuminate these spaces as they are, as they were, and as they will be. 

Earlier Event: April 27
Later Event: June 6
Queer + Feminist Karaoke

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