#FIRSTFRIDAY - "A Body Has No Center"

  • W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA, 19123 United States



Come out and join us to celebrate connectivity and collectivity.   


Stephanie Barrale and Michael Duncan will present their fist collaborative work entitled Voice of the People along with an accompanying zine, available to purchase.  This project is presented in association with A Body Has No Center.*


The opening reception will feature a DJ set by Oatmier which will begin in the Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery, located at 319A North 11th Street #2H, and finish up at W/N W/N. 


Friday 9/2/16. Reception begins at 10 PM.



*A Body Has No Center is an exhibition in action, positioning arts in relation to other creative practices, static objects in conversation with dynamic processes, and viewers in contact with timely events and ambiences. Organized by Ricky Yanas through Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia. 


abodyhasnocenter.com (link to come)














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