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The Hopefuls + BABY STEPS + Stateschoolgirl

  • W/N W/N 931 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA, 19123 United States (map)

The Hopefuls + BABY STEPS + DJ Stateschoolgirl

An evening of performance that blurs the line between concert and theatre. Featuring The Hopefuls, BABY STEPS and DJ STATESCHOOLGIRL.

The Hopefuls are a punk band with political predilections and presidential pretensions, bringing you the finest fair and balanced, nuanced and intelligent, nasty and sexy coverage of the 2016 Presidential election.

The band BABY STEPS emerges from the dark underbelly of the nursery-core scene. Hailed as a "pastel tour de force," twins Sherry and Terry will gently wrap you in warm songbird feathers as you fly into polluted cotton-candy skies on a quest for musical enlightenment. A cosmic journey for all and none.

And finally, a set from DJ Stateschoolgirl so you can dance to forget the state of American politics!


Links for The Hopefuls /// instagram: @hopefuls2016, 

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Links for BABY STEPS /// instagram: @babystepping


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